Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dezato Mochi

I first read about Dezato Mochi at Dessert Comes First I remember my first taste of mochi, albeit not the traditional mochi, but Dreyers' ice cream mochi. One bite and I was hooked. Unfortunately, the price was quite prohibitive. So 2 years ago, I was excited to hear that Magnolia released its own version. But turns out it only came in 2 flavors, ube and sesame. I was sorely disappointed.

Last week, we were given a box of Dezato Mochi. The box contained 12 mochi balls in 4 assorted flavors - milk chocolate, white chocolate with walnuts, white chocolate with green tea, and dark chocolate. I swear there were 12 mochi balls but hands were quicker than the camera :-P

I'm instantly reminded of DEC's tikoy strips. And I remember comments I read which likened the taste to tikoy. I thought they meant the round tikoy that's sliced, dipped in beaten egg then fried. But I guess they meant the ready-to-eat tikoy. I tried the dark chocolate mochi first then the milk chocolate variant. The mochi was just so-so for me. But my brother seemed to enjoy it a lot. And I wonder if I've read too many rave reviews that the taste did not meet my expectations. The next day, after being refrigerated to keep its freshness, the mochi still looked just as appetizing, but unfortunately, it did not taste nearly as okay as it did fresh.

Checking out other blog posts about mochi, I discovered that Dezato now offers ice cream mochi as well. Now that's definitely something worth trying.

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